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We have a huge winter clearance sale going on so come and we will find skis, board and boots just for you!

We will help you those to suit your experience and budget! First comes, first served, so don’t wait for too

long! Find out more here!


You just can’t imagine the winter without every weekend being on piste do you?! Seasonal rental might be

something tailored for you! How it works? You can try all types of skiis and boards we have here (which is

A LOT!) during the whole season as you improve. And you don’t have to worry about transportation or the

maintenance – we take care of that for you – waxing, sharping, fixing scratches, simply everything that

needs to be done! Sounds good right? Contact us or come over to get your seasonal rental deal!


Iron wax on the other hand lasts way longer, thanks to heating the ski for optimum absorption and with the

hand scraping followed by a buff and brush you are ready for all snow conditions.The brush allows water

(yes! you are riding on a melted snow) to flow faster – which means you ride faster! Roller wax only

available for skis.

Roller wax costs $5 and consists of the following steps: De Burr – Wax – Scraping

Iron wax costs $20 and adds 2 extra steps: De Burr- Iron Wax – Scraping – Polish – Brush